• Young Adults and Youth

    Young Adults

    Our Young Adults connect through Cell Groups and our Young Adults team see this as an opportunity to build community, to love, worship and serve God together, and to spur each other on in our pursuit of Him. They are places where you can be empowered to make disciples in your world, and to bring the presence of God  into every facet of your life. We can't wait to see what lies ahead - make sure you're a part of it!


    High School Aged Youth

    The Youth of Melbourne Life are connected in through Cell Groups that run on a weekly basis, which consist of building healthy relationships with Young Adults who serve as mentors for our young people. Worship, Prayer and Bible Studies are a consistent focus of the Cells which encourages them in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus. There are also other yearly events that are incorporated into the wider body of our church family which breeds a great family atmosphere!