• Senior Ministers

    Bram and Dianne Manusama

    God began to speak to us in the mid 1990's about leaving our music ministry and starting a church. After pioneering Melbourne Life in November 1998 in the heart of Kew with the  support of our five children, Jessica, Benjamin, Michaela, Ebony and Joshua, we have  continued to watch people's lives be transformed by the love of God and the love that people have for one another.


    It is our conviction that the most effective way to reach the world with the love of Jesus is by having a discipleship and church planting movement wherever we possibly can throughout the world. We strongly believe that growing a church is simply about growing people. The strength or the mark of our churches is not in how many campuses or new churches we start, but rather how mature, strong and effective our people are as believers and as disciples of Jesus.

    Our basic paradigm is not to use people to grow our ministry, but to use our ministry to grow people. 


    As a result, our founding church in Melbourne has grown and we have raised all our leaders from within our congregation. Our desire to submit to the Holy Spirit facilitates powerful church services, with a strong focus on worship, solid empowering Bible teaching, and a great sense of the presence of God, where the miraculous is anticipated through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


    Through our discipleship model of church planting using DMS, November 2011 saw the birth of our first international church Jakarta Life in Indonesia and a few months later in March 2012 we saw Nashville Life, U.S.A. begin. We believe the next few years will see more churches being planted in other cities and nations throughout the world.


    We believe that every human being wants to live a significant life and make a worthwhile contribution in the lives of others. As senior ministers it is our passion to empower people who walk through the doors of our churches to do exactly that.


    Have a browse through our website to find out more about who we are and about what we do through our different ministries. Melbourne Life Christian Church is a part of ACC - Australian Christian Churches (formerly AOG) under which we are both fully ordained ministers.

    We are a growing, thriving community of people who love God with all our hearts and we can't wait to meet you!

    Bram and Dianne