• Local Missions

    Melbourne Life Christian Church is passionate about reaching those in need in our immediate community in Melbourne. We are passionate about following in the footsteps of Jesus and reaching out to those that are both physically and spiritually in need. 

    International Missions

    We are a church made up of people who have a strong desire to reach out to those who are in desperate need of Jesus, ministering to them on a spiritual and practical level. We have been steadily building international relationships with a missions focus with Indonesia for many years, supporting on-going ministries. 


    As a result of this relationship building, the second half of 2011 saw us starting our first church outside of Australia, 'Jakarta Life' in Cikarang, an outer suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia. The church is flourishing as a strong, loving community, with a desire to see the region reached for Jesus. They are actively reaching some of the outer local communities by assisting in practical needs such as access to clean water and education.