KidsLife is the Children's Ministry of Melbourne Life Christian Church. 

    Each Sunday morning we have 3 x exciting KidsLife programs running throughout the morning church service. 

    BABYBUGS: 1-2yo

    BUGSLIFE: 3-5yo & WILDLIFE: 6-13yo (Programs combine each week)


    The KidsLife we see is filled with kids who are passionate about their personal relationship with Jesus. They will understand the power of:

    • Prayer
    • Worship
    • The Holy Spirit
    • The Word of God

    KidsLife is filled with confident kids who will continue to grow in their identity in God, and who have a desire to see their friends and family in a relationship with Jesus as well.

    These kids hear the voice of God, understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are hungry to learn more about their Saviour, and what it means for them in their everyday life around their friends and family.

    We see KidsLife as an environment that is fun, exciting and uplifting, and one that builds into their BIG dreams and BIG passions where they are taught, encouraged and empowered to walk in their God-given desires.

    The KidsLife ministry of Melbourne Life, want to be known for raising up a generation of kids who have learnt to live an effective life for the Kingdom of Heaven, impacting the world around them in their own unique way as they serve an adventurous and mighty God!